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Our range of services offered includes several business areas. It is our policy to make sure you are provided with all the services you need from a single source and to provide you with a single contact person who has access to all offers.

Personnel selection and placement

There are high demands on all persons involved in the assessment of new employees during the application process. Appointing an unsuitable person results in high follow-up costs due to a new job posting within the probation time or due to suboptimal performance. The principal task, therefore, is to find the candidate that best meets the specific job requirements. GLOSSA Personnel Solutions and the use of proven standardised qualification evaluation methods that detect job-relevant personal characteristics facilitate the decision for a candidate. The aim of our consultative assistance is the precise evaluation of candidates regarding expertise, personality, potential and ideals relating to the respective requirement specification and social environment. It is not our aim to simply find the "best" but to find the "right one".

Advantages include:

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Personnel placement

In terms of employment policy, personnel placement has become much more important in Germany and a growing number of companies are using it as part of their human resources planning and for strategic company development. Acceptance within society of this flexible type of employment has also increased, thanks to the conclusion of collective labour agreements. Our qualified employees are your external personnel resource for spontaneous and project-related assignment during work peaks, substitution in the event of illness, holidays or pregnancy, and especially for tasks and projects that require higher qualification or special expertise.

Companies benefit by reducing cost risks when assigning temporary personnel instead of permanent employees. Fixed costs are converted into variable costs, risks associated with employee selection and loss due to illness are reduced or eliminated. If business should take a downturn, companies are not obliged to terminate employee contracts at great expense. Companies that use personnel placement can control where the highly qualified personnel provided by GLOSSA Personnel Solutions are assigned and for how long. As the assignment of disposable personnel excludes hidden or subsequent costs, the advantages are transparent and easy to calculate.

Newly assigned temporary employees often lack company-specific knowledge about products, services, machines and facilities as well as process flows and special customer expectations. Our staff, however, have often already performed similar tasks and will be selected with regard to the prospective tasks of the position to be filled. A short training and introduction will still be needed, of course.

Temporary employment is only of value if the temporary employee meets the company's requirements regarding expertise and character. Therefore, the diligent and systematic selection of personnel is of essential importance. The hourly rate should not be the only decision criterion. An "economical" temporary worker may result in higher costs than a supposedly more expensive one that shows excellent performance. In case the temporary employees do not fit into the company, we will replace them.

There is the possibility of permanent placement or the option to take on an employee from temporary employment. This is mainly profitable in areas that require intensive training. Furthermore, it is possible to use temporary employment as test phase for permanent employment.

Advantages include:


Outsourcing takes place within the framework of employment and service contracts, for a limited or unlimited period, and constitutes a contractual outsourcing of complete process cycles. GLOSSA Personnel Solutions will organise this outsourcing and will assume responsibility and liability. We will provide employees as well as the required know-how.

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The severance of employees due to insolvency, plant closure, site closure or relocation and downsizing of personnel is usually not part of routine human resources work. The approach by GLOSSA Personnel Solutions supporting fair outplacement offers an agreeable way of realising this difficult but often indispensable step. Our concept comprises phases that ensure high efficiency and quality. The main phase is a support period of three to six months (rescue company) with the aim of entering into new employment.

Advantages include:

International personnel allocation

New markets develop in foreign countries. Thanks to profitable fiscal conditions, certain countries become more appealing than others. Financially strong partners promote foreign investments. Government subventions facilitate the construction of production facilities on foreign continents. The need for the division of labour forces the outsourcing of production areas to neighbouring countries. Because of the favourable productive manpower new production sites are established abroad. The assignment of national (foreign) workers is necessary and urgently required!

GLOSSA Personnel Solutions benefits from cosmopolitanism, the focus on internal communication and the global networks of GLOSSA GROUP and is therefore in the position to provide national experts in any region worldwide – but especially in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe as well as in the Arabic-speaking area and China.

Advantages include:

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